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Electronic monitoring is one of the reforms implemented in the Albanian criminal justice system and has started operation in March 2013. The Implementing Institution of electronic monitoring is the Probation Service. Electronic surveillance is used for persons who are subject to:

ñ   Austerity measures (Criminal Procedure Code, items a, c and d), 
ñ   Alternative Sentencing (Criminal Code, article 58, 59, 59 / a and 64) 
ñ   Additional penalties (Criminal Code, paragraph 7 of Article 30)
ñ   Protection orders or emergency protection orders (Law No. 9669, dated 18.12.2006 "On measures against violence in family relations", as amended., Article 17 and 19)

Limitations set in the judgment, which is overseen by the device placed in a person's body through the operating room set up for this purpose. The device communicates to the operating room entrance or exit from the allowed in the area.

Salla OperativeWho can be electronically monitored?

The court or the prosecution request implementation of electronic supervision for minors or adults who pose low social risk and persons charged with a criminal offense punished by not more than 5 years imprisonment. Person must consent to be put on electronic surveillance except in cases provided by law. Important exponents in this process are the Court ,the Prosecution, the State Police and the Probation Service.

How does it work?

Electronic surveillance works through an electronic wristlet (personal unit) and a central unit (home unit).

The wristlet is placed on the person's ankle and is held by the person at any time. It is lightweight , resistant to shocks and water which makes it possible to continue normal daily activities without being hindered by the device.

The central unit (home unit), is placed in the person's home and receives signals at any time by the electronic wristlet whose information is transmitted to the operating room where the electronic surveillance is suited. If the person leaves the allowed area the communication between these two devices disconnects. At this point, the operating room is signaled. The reverse process is applied for entry into the forbidden zone. Other signals are sent to the operating room such as when the device isdamaged, intended to be removed, moved, or if it is not connected to electricity.

 What happens if the conditions are violated?

 At the moment when a violation of these conditions happens, the operating room confirms the incident and informs the relevant authorities. The repeated violation may lead the person to court and may result in the substitution or revocation of electronic surveillance.

 What is the benefit?

The Electronic Monitoring provides a powerful system for enhancing the efficiency of execution of court decisions for persons whose mobility is restricted and may promote increased public safety by improving supervision of individuals in the community. Restriction of movement can also help in the imposition of discipline and structure of the day of the supervised, makes possible the participation in work activities , education or training.


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