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The values underlying the activity of the Probation Service are, respect for human dignity, the concept of individual opportunities for change and growth, as well as being fair and impartial.

Our primary mission is to protect the community and prevent re-offending. Our approach is that such protection and security would be possible by counseling and assisting offenders during reintegration and successful rehabilitation in the community by implementing established methods and instruments in overcoming the difficulties for social reintegration and bringing positive changes in their lives.

The purpose of the Probation Service in Albania is that of supervision and support of :

  •   Implementation of alternatives to imprisonment in order to protect the public interest,
  •  Prevention of criminal conduct,
  • Assisting offenders to fulfill obligations and reaching compliance with judge orders,
  •  Co-operation and presentation of information and reports before the prosecution and the court,

 To fulfill these goals, the Probation Service, where this is necessary, cooperates with state institutions, central or local and with the local community, as well as with other institutions and nonprofit organizations for the best implementation of alternatives to imprisonment.

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