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Structure and staff


The Probation Service is a centralized body which is organized and operates at central and local level. It consists of:

The Directorate General of Probation Service at the Ministry of Justice on central level; and local offices at the first instance courts on local level. The Directorate General of Probation Service runs, organizes and controls the enforcement of alternative sentences and takes appropriate measures for the implementation of the Probation Service regulation and other legal acts and bylaws.

Local offices supervise and support the implementation of alternative sentences and are administratively subordinate from the Directorate General of Probation Service. 

Detailed rules for the organization, rights and duties of supervision standards defined in the internal regulations is approved by the Council of Ministers Decision no.302, no. 25.03.2009 "On Approval of the Regulation " On the Organization and Functioning of Probation and Setting Standards and Procedures for Supervision of execution of alternative ", while relations and cooperation with NPOs and intermediary service are done according to the regulations approved by the Minister of Justice by Order no.6325, date. 31.07.2009 "On approval of the Regulation "On Probation Cooperation with NPOs and Mediation Service".

Since February, 2014, with the approval of the new organization structure, The Probation office has extended it's services by increasing the number of local offices, thus fulfilling the objective of having a probation local office in each of the judicial districts in Albania. The probation local offices also started functioning in  Tropojë, Pukë, Dibër, Kurbin, Krujë, Kavajë, Lushnjë, Pogradec, Përmet and Sarandë.



The Probation Service Staff

With Order no. 100, dated 21/02/2014 of the Prime Minister "On approval of the organizational structure of the Probation Service", Probation Service received a boost in the number of staff by 30 new positions, raising the number to 134 employees, educated in the field of justice, social work and psychology.

In order to work in the probation service, the staff is trained periodically to offer its best for prisoners with alternative sentences and community, as staff training has been a permanent priority. The staff is continuously trained by foreign experts with more experience and this is made possible thanks to guaranteed uninterrupted support by the OSCE Presence in Albania and the European Union Delegation in Albania. The support and the continues assistance of the OSCE Presence in Albanian helps in training new employees of the Probation Service.

During the years 2011-2012, of particular importance to the training of probation staff, has been the  "Support for the Probation Service and alternatives to imprisonment", funded by the European Union, where the staff is  engaged in developing self training curricula and in developing a strategy and methodology for training in accordance with a test service to European standards. After these trainings conducted probation officer has the ability to:

  • ñ         To assess the risk that the prisoner poses to others and the need for intervention
  • ñ         To influence the prisoners to change their violent behavior
  • ñ         To communicate effectively with offenders
  • ñ         To support prisoners to change
  • ñ         To work effectively with others
  • ñ         To develop their skills and knowledges


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