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The General Directorate of Probation Service in cooperation with the Council of Europe held a two-day training entitled "Implementation of community sanctions and measures and the role of the Probation Service" at 13-14 may 2014.

Internationally recognized experts in the field of criminal justice as Professor Robert Canton De Montfort University , Leicester , United Kingdom and Mrs . Luisa Gandini , former head of the Probation Service in Italy have submitted suggestions and conclusions based on experiences in the field of probation service .

The CEO of  Probation Service Mr. Ilir Qafa, stressed that only through a fruitful and continued collaboration with domestic and foreign experts and sharing of common experiences will improve the quality of support and assistance in the implementation of measures in the community .

The representative of the Council of Europe Ms . Luljeta Kasa presented to participants a summary of the recommendations of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe in the field of criminal justice .

Among other things,it was discussed also about the interaction process between the Judiciary and Probation Service , supervisory and the supportive role of the Probation Service in the reintegration of prisoners to reduce recidivism , community work, electronic monitoring , selection , training the staff and management of the Probation Service.

The General Directorate of Probation Service   has recently  taken a number of initiatives in the framework of strengthening cooperation , exchange of experiences, expanding them into practice , and soon a new normative framework .

The Probation Service  cooperation with state and non-state institutions is very important in order to promote social inclusion of prisoners aiming at reducing recidivism , resettlement , reintegration and rehabilitation of the supervised persons.

Organizing interactive events which increase the  professional capacity of staff and their reflection on the institution's daily activity is the focus of the Probation Service.


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