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"The implementation of best practices" - continues the project with the education directorate Korçe.


The return at school of children in conflict with the law has faced significant impediments. Until now there has been no procedure or successful programe to for this phase of transition. Young people and their families face a lot of difficulties. Their return  often faces resistance prejudices from teachers and others around. Many young people may become recidivists if school does not treat them well. For these reasons, at  "Grand Hotel" in Korce there was organized a meeting  "for the implementation of best practices in view of the application of methods and guidelines to appropriate educational and professional training for juveniles in custody".

The General Director of Probation Service  Mr.Ilir Qafa demanded the continuing cooperation between the justice system, the school and the community to reduce recidivism among youth in order to effect a reduction of crime in the country.

Since each Regional Director of Education or each Education Office  has psycho-social service , whose leader has a duty to communicate regularly with governmental and non-governmental organizations in cases of children at risk and social and economic difficulties (point d, Article 45, DN), the probation service  requires immediate deployment of this communication. School psychologist should treat juvenile offenders on probation and report to the chief of the unit on the performance of the treatment of juveniles on probation, his behavior at school and everything else that could be worth in the best interests of the child until the end of the observation period.

Regional Education Director Kristaq Grabocka Korce, said that the problem of integration and students in need of treatment is determined by his side. He admitted that psychosocial service did not function properly, and now through cooperation with the Probation Service, these students will receive the maximum service aimed at rehabilitation. This initiative found support and appreciation from the  Deputy of  Korce, Mr.Stefan Gërmenji, which offered its cooperation to the continuation of this practice beneficial to youth and the community.

As part of this initiative, there was a visit to the Regional Directorate of Public Professional Training. The topic of the meeting was the cooperation between the two institutions to meet the needs of prisoners to receive professional education in order to solve problems for their reintegration into society.

According to the General Director of Probation Service, Mr. Ilir Qafa, -while youth in conflict with the law suffer the alternative punishment, the need to provide them opportunities to learn skills that can help them grow as productive citizens. One way to do this is to offer training and employment by helping them integrate into society and have less opportunity to return to the path of crime. This is a challenge to all of us, in the context of cooperation, specifically between centers and professional schools and public and  probation service.


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