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Launch of the map of the host centers for juveniles in Albania working in the public interest.


The General Directorate of Probation Service  with the support of UNICEF, launched on October 29, 2014 Google Maps designed for local offices of the Probation Service in Albania, which will help to manage  more effectively the integration of juveniles in conflict with  law who received alternative sentencing "work in the public interest"  enabling a safe environment for citizens.

The General Director of Probation Mr.Qafa  said that thanks to the modern technology there are  many innovative ways to manage cases for offenders, which in the past have been impossible. In Albania, there are currently  22 local offices to probation,  12  of them are from the last year . Statistics show a growing number of juveniles in custody, from  109 convicted  in 2009 reached about 300 in 2014. The management of their cases poses a challenge to the probation office – therefore  the introduction of this modern technology is a necessity.

Starting from now, every specialist  of probation service  can access in the map a all host centers  with the support of UNICEF, as places where they can refer cases of juvenile offenders. UNICEF Representative in Albania , explained that they are identified and assessed 12 regions of the country as suitable for the host center of juveniles in conflict with the law . Their capacity is estimated at 563 people.  Given the identified needs of the child, place of residence, socio-economic condition, the specialist of the probation service   can identify the most appropriate map center for the minor, who through the work could be reintegrated into the community. In the map presented today it  is possible to find the description of the center and relevant contacts, and this map can be accessed by anyone who is interested.

 The worldwide experience shows that, google maps (Google Maps) have helped  the management of different cases and  have provided services and significantly better cooperation between probation offices.

Google Maps (Google Maps), will help the country to increase efficiency and improve collaboration between the courts, local government units and probation service. More importantly, the application of this system will increase security and protect citizens and ensure an even better opportunity for offenders to achieve positive changes to their lives.


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