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Round table with Civil Society


The General Directorate of Probation Service held on April 23, 2015 a roundtable with civil society with the topic "Implementation of alternatives to imprisonment, in cooperation with the civil society". The representatives of the OSCE, UNICEF, Save the Children, Action Plus, Foundation for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation of Disputes, Service Center and Integrated Legal Practice were Invited to the table.

The aim of  this workshop was to identify the problems of cooperation and  strengthening of partnerships between Probation Service  and the civil society .

In his opening speech, the General Director of Probation Service, Mr. Ilir Qafa stressed that the primary mission of this institution is the assistance to the prisoners to change the psychosocial situation and their reintegration through finding the right way to fulfill this aim .He said that the discussions with civil society  create the possibility of transmission of information and exchange of views on future cooperation with civil society.

Legal Adviser of the OSCE Presence in Tirana, Mrs. Alba Jorganxhi said that a key element to strengthen cooperation of  the Probation Service with the  civil society is  financing, which should be included in the draft, while guaranteed that the presence of the OSCE, after the successful implementation of the pilot project on application of  The Risk Assessment System for convicts with alternative sentences, will continue to assist the Probation Service through the provision of training of specialists of the Probation Service.

The General Director of  the Probation Service, Mr. Ilir Qafa  emphasized the importance of orientation  of cooperative efforts by civil society for an extension and better coordination of it, as a very important link of our mission.

At the round table there were exchanged views on the necessity of initiatives for future improvement of cooperation between Probation Service and  civil society, issues of management of prisoners after the end of the trial period, measuring the reduction of recidivism, improving psychosocial circumstances particularly of  juvenile offenders, as well as finding sustainable modalities of cooperation with civil society organizations.


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