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Round table meeting with defense lawyers


The General Directorate of Probation Service in cooperation with the OSCE Presence in Albania , organized the round table meeting with the topic :" Implementation of alternative sentencing and the role of defense counsel ." The guests of this meeting were judges , prosecutors, defense lawyers , etc.

The main purpose of this meeting was to encourage further implementation of alternatives to imprisonment, focusing particularly on the role of defense lawyer during this process . Part of this discussion  were aimed at informing and issuing problems which may impede the application of alternatives to imprisonment by the defense lawyers .

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In his opening speech , the Vice-Minister of Justice, Mr . Idlir Peci , stressed that alternatives to imprisonment should be a priority for offenders ( minor violations ) , as probation , etc. , before we proceed to their incarceration . We will take significant steps to improve the law , adding that in this context we are thinking to an agreement between the Department of Probation and the General Directorate of Prisons and that " bilateral cooperation between these two institutions will  enable them to identify  best ways to apply alternative penalties , after exchanging periodically information they identify citizens with good manners who can benefit from probation, meaning  always people who have committed minor offenses " .

Robert Wilton , the vice president of the OSCE presence in Tirana , said the Probation Service represents a major step towards reforming the judiciary . " Although the Probation Service is a new service , it has proven that it is a modern instrument . Implementation of alternative sentences is difficult and requires the cooperation of all the exponents of justice .Wilton added, " All the defendants , the accused , have the right to be protected and you 're just lawyers , who influence , advise and learn how these people should behave and why the probation service is important . A fully functional trial service is also a tangible contribution to strengthening the rule of law as a fundamental objective of this program in the country " , said the vice president of the OSCE presence in Tirana . Wilton guaranteed that  OSCE presence will continue to support the Ministry of Justice on criminal Albanian justice reform.

 As the CEO of the Probation Service , Mr. Ilir Qafa , said that the Probation Service has a key role in the execution of court decisions for light crimes , so cooperation with lawyers and other links to make justice more functional this service is essential to improve the service by making probation as the best way for the reintegration of prisoners of light crimes . He added that lawyers  are key points in conveying information to their assisted because probation is a good way to actualise a faster integration.

During the round table there were exchanged information on ways to be followed to strengthen probation by strengthening the role of defense counsel  by making it a guide for his client 's performance toward an alternative punishment.


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