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Training for work with juvenile offenders


On 20-22 November, the OSCE Presence in Albania organized a training for 20 employees of the Probation Service from around the country and of the General Directorate of Probation Service . The training was intended to help employees of Probation Service for a better understanding of specific aspects of working with juveniles in order to create the best possible conditions for their reintegration into society. The training focused on recognizing Probation Service employees on effective practices for the treatment of  juvenile offenders in the community , helping them to develop treatment programs that reflect the needs assessments and risk that are realized with juvenile offenders .

The training was conducted under a project of the OSCE aimed at developing effective practices for the Probation Service in Albania . Year after year , the Probation Service has achieved consecutive successes in minimizing the costs and negative effects of imprisonment , and a great achievement in this direction remains constant increase in the number of juvenile offenders in alternative sanctions .

The  professional growth of the  Probation Service staff is a multifaceted and persistent effort , being that prisoners do not need not only surveillance, but also guidance , support and encouragement to achieve their successful inclusion in society ," said the Head of Department of Law and Human Rights at the OSCE Presence in Albania , Fiorentina Azizi .

Mr. Ilir Qafa, the new General Director of the Probation Service said : " A society which aims at strengthening the public safety of its citizens , should be driven to take the necessary measures to prevent offense acts , and to provide rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners into society. "

OSCE presence has played a key role in the creation of the Probation Service in Albania, supporting strongly this institution in the implementation of activities related to the professional growth of its staff , as well as the intensification of cooperation with other institutions involved in the provision and implementation of alternative sentencing . OSCE presence also played an important role in the field of juvenile justice and the establishment of mechanisms for the protection of children and their rights in Albania.


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