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The probation service,begins the english language course for juveniles

 The “Pilot Project " for theorganisation of English language courses provided by the non-profit association " The Ideas Partnership ." In the context of strengthening cooperation between the  state institutions and Non-profit institutions operating in the Republic of Albania , is soon expected to launch the application of the pilot project with a duration of four months , which is intended to include in its program , 15 minors , under supervision of the Office of Local Probation in Tirana . For these juveniles , there will be organized realized English language courses  provided by the volunteer teacher , Mrs.  Elizabeth Gowing. During the presentation of this project at the ceremony held at the Ministry of Justice,the vice minister Idlir Peci said that the Albanian justice should aim to say NO to minors in prisons through its policies.

No minors in prisons ! This slogan should be the main guide of our work . Every study on criminology aims to remove juveniles from detention cells , prison because their incarceration is the best way to include even these minor into the crime .

According to Mr.Peci, the Ministry of Justice, through the Probation Service initiative supports voluntary groups , which require minors to mind away from crime and to address them to knowledge .

I congratulate the probation service that creates more bridges of cooperation with various organizations to provide the best for the citizens who are part of probation service . I felicitate this initiative, which is designed by a group of volunteers , whose work stems from the heart and higher human values , " emphasized Mr. Peçi during his speech at the moment of the signment of the agreement .

The General Director of the Probation Service , Ilir Qafa suggested that one of the most significant problems which need to be addressed is the issue of the lack of a proper database , which reflects the performance of any person in a period of supervision or who complete the trial period .

The accurate reflection , which has been missing until now affects the scanning of information ofevery person in the period of supervision , especially for minors, for whom the darfting of policies and the institutional corporation is very important . The above conclusion  is still more actual if we refer to the statistics of the 4-year administration if the Probation Service. . So it turns out that at 2009 there  were 109 juvenile in the probation service , a number that is multiplied for the following years until it was tripled in 2013,going to 311 juveniles . This increasing trend which is hardly a good news , outlines the need to strengthen cooperation with non-profit organizations , in order to achieve concrete projects for the treatment of minors , "said Mr. Qafa.

Mr.Qafa emphaseized that the creation of a special assessment for juveniles remains a necessity for the Probation Service .

Only through a proper assessment of the profile of offenders , the Probation Service can make such a decision where clearly defines duties due to any minor . So the creation of a special evaluation system for juveniles remains a necessity for the Probation Service.We can have the  answers we need to design individual treatment programs and broader policies necessary to be drafted by the competent institutions only if we have the appropriate questions to assess the profile of juveniles in custody and the reasons or reasons that have led to conflict with the law or prevent the support and assistanceof  the Probation Service or by other operators involved in this process, " said Mr. Qafa .

 Also during the meeting, attention was paid on further intensification of work in terms of cooperation with the operators involved in restatment justice . 


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