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Deprivation of liberty in the advanced societies of Europe, for a series of small offenses of low social risk is regarded as a sanction of last resort and therefore is applied when the risk associated with the offense committed would make impossible the establishment of any other alternative measure . In particular , Western European countries try to limit as much as possible imprisonment attempting to substitute it with forms of a non - coercive treatment . This is based on the premise that imprisonment inflicts negative effects on offenders and on the other hand has a very high financial cost for the society.

Inspired by the successful experience of these countries, alternatives to imprisonment were introduced in the Criminal Code of Albania in 1995, but major revisions were made on 2008 which changed and improved provisions in such a way that allowed for more space for implementation of alternatives to imprisonment in practice, the result of which is the beginning of operation of the Probation Service who supervises the execution of these sentences.

As part of the reform of the justice system , the Law no. 10024 , dated 27.11.2008 , " On Amendments and Additions to the Law no. 8331 , dated 21.04.1998 , " On the execution of criminal judgments " , the Parliament adopted the normative- legal framework for the establishment and functioning of the Probation Service as a specialized state body which would supervise alternative sentences.

 In almost five years work, the Probation Service is already a consolidated actor inside the criminal justice system, whose operators are aware that the reform in the system of execution of criminal sentences through the establishment and operation of the Probation Service in Albania has improved significantly restorative justice in our country .


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