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Operators of the justice system and the general public are already aware that the reform in the execution of criminal sentences through the establishment and operation of the Probation Service in Albania has significantly improved restorative justice in our country.

Strengthening of the role of the Probation Service has begun to produce positive effects, which inevitably is associated with the rehabilitation of persons in conflict with the law, by reducing recidivism and economic costs associated with serving the sentence at correctional institutions and suffering imprisonment sentences.

Assessment of risk for offenders and assisting their reintegration into society requires special qualifications and knowledge and continuous training for Probation Officers. The Probation Service in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, European Union Delegation, OSCE Presence in Albania and UNICEF Albania, has developed various training activities and will continue to conduct such activities, not only for probation officers, but also for other operators of the criminal justice system that are closely associated with this service, continuing to improve their professional capacity and accountability.

 What the Probation Service has achieved so far serves to provide the necessary impetus for probation officers to cope with everyday difficulties. The successful implementation of alternative sentences to imprisonment necessarily requires considerable commitment and maximum predisposition from all stakeholders of the justice system and beyond. In this regard I must admit that much remains to be done in order to enhance cooperation and coordination.


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