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Probation Service in the Criminal Justice System


The Probation Service cooperates closely with other institutions of the criminal justice system such as courts, prosecutors, state police, the General Directorate of Prisons, during various stages of the process an offender goes through.

Our role within the criminal justice system is that of assisting the court and prosecution regarding risk assessment and individualization of alternative sentences for each of the offenders, through the use of social intervention methods to ensure they are making progress and not posing a threat to other community members during their comeback into the community.

We are responsible for the management and supervision of community sentences and help offenders to become useful members of the community on erasing the damage that they have caused. We also take appropriate measures in relation to reducing the risk of causing harm and re-offending in the future.

 The essence of the role of the probation service as an added value to the criminal justice system is that of providing assessment, prevention and remedial, aimed at reducing criminal activity and raising security for people living in these communities .


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